Position Overview

You'll have projects in your queue on a weekly basis and you'll be asked to create images on an on-call basis when you're able. We're hoping for promotional images, social media graphics, and illustrations and animations to spruce up our videos. Most importantly, our goal is to hire someone who can capture our brand voice and aesthetic. 


  • Increased engagement on social media
  • Increased watch time on videos
  • More aesthetically pleasing ads
  • Quick turnaround on necessary graphics for all projects


  • Create cover images and promotional images for our courses, freemiums, ads, and videos 
  • Add animations and illustrations to projects when requested
  • Work off of our promotional calendar to make sure you are delivering all necessary images

Expected Outputs

  • Weekly meetings with the team
  • Aforementioned images

Skill Set

We primarily look for people to join our team who are like-minded, hard-working, self-motivated, driven, aiming to help people, and eager to learn and improve.

We believe that while skills can be taught, but these characteristics are harder to train. 

With that said, this is a position that requires a certain level of skill. You'll need:

  • An understanding of our brand voice and aesthetic
  • Proficiency with graphic design software of your choice
  • Proficiency in Photoshop
  • Graphic design experience
  • Animation skills is a plus, but not necessary
  • A desire to further the mission of Think Media

Position Details

  • Remote-based. You can work from anywhere, but we do prefer someone in a timezone within three hours of Pacific Time.
  • This position takes 10-20 hours a week.
  • You will be a contractor and will be given a 1099 at the end of the tax year.

Perks of Working at Think Media

We care about your education, personal development, and career advancement. Our goal is to create an environment where you are not only able to thrive in your role, but where you are able to explore new ideas, suggest improvements, expand your own responsibilities, and get creative with every aspect of your job. 

As a member of the team you'll get:

  • Access to our large library of courses: or own and those we've purchased from other amazing creators 
  • Opportunities to go to conferences or take courses that will expand your specific skill set
  • A team environment that is supportive, encouraging, uplifting, and fun
  • Your birthday off. No questions asked :)
  • Your own personalized emoji in our slack channel

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