Position Overview

You'll be working closely with our head of marketing and operations to coordinate the promotional efforts of all team members. You will take initiative in creating our entire promotional calendar. You will also be responsible for the execution of social media posts on all platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 


Organize all social media posts, email marketing and video releases to

  • make coordinated, strategic efforts as a team
  • relieve stress of last-minute releases
  • more effectively promote sales, video releases, and lead generators
  • generate more income and traffic from social media


  • Work with head of Marketing and Operations to create and maintain a content calendar for all promotional material. You will need to coordinate social posts and email marketing on all platforms with YouTube video drops and other promotions.
  • Coordinate the efforts of copywriters, micro editors, video editors, photographers, videographers, operations officers, marketing department and sales team. The calendar you make will effect the tasks of all team members.
  • Create social media posts using the content provided by the creative team. 
  • Schedule social media posts using Planoly (and similar platforms) for at least a week at a time.
  • Make blog posts and embed our videos. Create pages with maximized SEO.
  • Discover new places to distribute our content and add these platforms to your posting schedule.

Expected Outputs

  • Promotional calendar of all social media posts, email marketing and video releases for at least a month to two months at a time
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meeting reviewing the promotional calendar
  • Report of analytics of how social media posts are performing
  • A and B testing of social media tactics
  • Analysis of promotional tactics and recommendations for improvements on a bi-monthly basis
  • Social media posts created and scheduled at least a week at a time
  • Social media posts released daily (Instagram feed, Instagram stories Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Skill Set

We primarily look for people to join our team who are like-minded, hard-working, self-motivated, driven, aiming to help people, and eager to learn and improve.

We believe that while skills can be taught, these characteristics are harder to train. 

With that said, this role requires a high degree of proficiency. You will have a lot of responsibility. With that said, here are the skills we recommend you have:

  • Intimate understanding of social media marketing
  • Understanding of digital marketing promotional strategies 
  • Copywriting for social media
  • Understanding of our brand voice and aesthetic
  • Organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work within and manage a team
  • Ability to work independently to accomplish tasks
  • Desire to further the mission of Think Media

Position Details

  • Remote-based. You can work from anywhere, but we do prefer someone in a timezone within three hours of Pacific Time.
  • This position will easily fill 40 hours a week.
  • You will be a contractor and will be given a 1099 at the end of the tax year.
  • You will be compensated on an hourly basis, as a contractor.

Perks of Working at Think Media

We care about your education, personal development, and career advancement. Our goal is to create an environment where you are not only able to thrive in your role, but where you are able to explore new ideas, suggest improvements, expand your own responsibilities, and get creative with every aspect of your job. 

As a member of the team you'll get:

  • Access to our large library of courses: or own and those we've purchased from other amazing creators 
  • Opportunities to go to conferences or take courses that will expand your specific skill set
  • A team environment that is supportive, encouraging, uplifting, and fun
  • Your birthday off. No questions asked :)
  • Your own personalized emoji in our slack channel

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